Special Issue "The Convergence of 5G and IoT in a Smart City Context"

Dear Colleagues,

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is slowly transforming different areas of human life, involving sectors such as transport, health, energy, and security. In recent years, several IoT deployments and test beds have been proposed to create new smart infrastructures. These infrastructures and applications enable cities not only to reduce costs and resource consumption but also to improve governance and the quality of life of resident citizens. The devices built into these smart infrastructures capture heterogeneous data of various types that differ in scale, volume, and semantics.

The construction of Smart Cities has become an important trend worldwide. In the past, telecommunication technologies were already crucial partners in terms of urban infrastructure. As IoT is becoming a basic means of communication in all cities, the role of telecommunication technologies in the development of Smart Cities cannot be emphasized enough. The technology of 5G mobile networks will gradually expand the implementation in Smart Cities and global business by 2020, in which IoT and Artificial Intelligence will also be integrated, contributing to a rapid development of Smart Cities. In response to such transformation, this Special Issue will be conducted—though not exclusively—under the following topics:

  • Novel architectures, protocols, and algorithms for end-to-end IoT and 5G systems to orchestrate Smart Cities;
  • 5G technology fusion, multimedia data fusion, and information fusion for Smart Cities;
  • Novel IoT and 5G communication platforms and access technologies;
  • Interoperability of IoT communication technologies through 5G;
  • Middleware technologies for IoT systems and applications and 5G;
  • Theoretical modeling and frameworks for IoT environments through 5G;
  • IoT and 5G applications and testbeds;
  • 5G virtualization for Smart Cities;
  • Dynamic network slicing based on IoT real-time data;
  • Sensing and aggregation of multimodal data in Smart Cities;
  • QoE/QoS in IoT multimedia services for Smarter Cities through 5G;
  • Case studies, real solutions, designs, and implementations of Smart Cities;
  • Security and privacy frameworks for IoT and 5G-based Smart Cities;
  • Innovative techniques for IoT communications security through 5G.

Dr. Javier Prieto
Dr. Roberto Casado Vara
Guest Editors

More information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/smartcities/special_issues/5G_IoT