WP1. Coordination To assure an effective development of the project, a smooth coordination of the WPs and the fulfilment of the objectives.
WP2. Requirements, social innovation & platform definition To establish the functional and non-functional requirements of the CHROMOSOME platform and define the virtual organizations.
WP3. Smart monitoring infrastructure & baseline To develop the metering infrastructure and interoperability modules that establish the baseline by monitoring the pilot sites for one year.
WP4. Social machine over smart home for behavioural change To investigate virtual organisations of agents that extract energy-related knowledge from data and set persuasive recommendations
WP5. Integration & pilot deployment To integrate and test the preceding developments in the pilot and tune them through iterative feedback loops.
WP6. Pilot monitoring & impact assessment To assess overall the performance and impact of the pilot from the EE, economic, and sociological point of view.
WP7. Exploitation To validate the business models and RoI including detailed plans for sustainability and large-scale uptake beyond the project lifetime
WP8. Dissemination & communication To achieve the most relevant stakeholders and citizens’ awareness through training courses, scientific publications and a final event.

Table Workplan